Don’t waste time dealing with multiple suppliers for your industrial tool requirements.

We source and supply a wide range of Tools, Equipment, and Supplies from leading brands, manufacturers, and suppliers for use in mining, civil engineering, construction, manufacturing, engineering, production, and other environments.

Some of the industrial tools and other products we can provide are listed below, but we are not limited to these items – Contact us with your specific requirements and we will do our best to source everything you need via our partner network, at highly competitive prices.

  • Mitco – Drills and hand tools
  • Afile – Engineers files and rasps
  • Aftool – Iron tools and clamps
  • Ross – Hand tools
  • Jewel – Knife blades
  • Sievert – Heating tools
  • Wera – Screwdrivers and hand tools
  • CMO – Knife gate valves and associated products
  • Kennedy Professional – Tools for the professional mechanic, technician, builder, decorator, and technician
  • Senator Quality Tooling – Tools, toolboxes and cabinets, and other storage solutions
  • Edison – Torches, lanterns, spotlights, inspection lights, and other power and lighting products
  • Sherwood Quality Cutting Tools – Precision tools including drill bits, taps, reamers, saw blades, and shank milling cutters for use in machining procedures
  • Swisstech – Drills, milling cutters, and taps
  • Indexa-Seiki – Milling bodies, chucks, tool holders, spindle nose tooling and toggle clamps
  • Yamaloy – Milling inserts (solid and indexable)
  • York Abrasives – Abrasive products for a variety of uses
  • Kobe Tools – Air, cordless, and electric power drills, grinders, saws, ratchet wrenches, and impact wrenches
  • Oxford Precision – Precision tools and gauging, including dial test indicators (DTIs), callipers, height gauges, hardness testers, optical instruments, and micrometers
  • Tuffsafe – Respiratory, hearing, hand, head, and eye protection products
  • Atlas Workholders – Wheels, castors, vices, toggle clamps, and bench shears
  • Yamoto – Spanners, sockets, hacksaws, and other tools
  • Solent Maintenance – Industrial aerosols e.g. screen cleaners, greases, lubricants, mould release agents, etc.
  • Matlock – Security fixings e.g. door bolts, padlocks, and hasps, door and gate furniture, etc.
  • Avon – Tapes of all kinds e.g. insulation, masking, waterproofing, carton sealing, hazard and line marking, etc.

With us, you get a single point of contact and you only need to list one supplier – we give you a full one-stop-shop service.

We are a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor and we are listed on the government Central Supplier Database (CSD) – supplier number MAAA0777008.

Contact Us Now to find out more about how we can serve you.

We also supply Road Safety/Traffic Control Equipment, and Diesel, Jet Fuel, Lubricants, and Petrochemicals (via our sister company, Musi Energy).

Supplying the right tools to our customers through reputable brands

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